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Seeing fanart of your OTP


Seeing nsfw fanart of your OTP


Seeing nsfw fanart of your OTP doing that kink you like


Finding well written multi-chapter fanfics of your OTP at 2am


Best use of these gifs ever.


How much do I love namesake outfits let me count the ways (hint: infinity)


Oh, Namesake. I will never quit you.

Spurred by Isa’s comment on Emma being a ‘wanton mistress of the night’. I’m still holding out for the REAL love triangle- Hercilia/Emma/Warrick. (Or a quadrangle with Nose works too. Everyone should just date everyone.)

Also fullsize the preview is gross

I leave you guys for three days … ;) This is great!


Namesake fanart by my pal Varethane.

Isn’t it just… AWESOME?

Yes. Yes, this is just AWESOME.


*Mutters*Wish I was better at drawing several comic panels consistently without having to do it in photoshop…

I’m so sorry Meg/Isa XD I got carried away with some sketching of Warrick and Emma in a wintry/christmas time situation. I would have done a BIGGER comic, actually, if I wasn’t so frustrated with the quality of images as I went along panels.

My first attempt at Selva here, actually. I thought it’d be funny to include her, though I don’t know what she’d think of those two. Not sure if she’d be uncomfortable or one of those pushy supportive siblings or what. But the LINE just seemed funny to me. I’m sure every shipper is thinking the same.

If you can’t read it or see it clearly to understand:

Warrick: Emma.

Emma: Hm?

Warrick: This sweater is too big. And it’s itchy. *scratching all over*

Emma: It’s the only shirt Ben had that would fit you.

Warrick: *Still scratching while his hair begins to build static and lift up*

*Mistletoe magically floating to them in purple aura*

*Both look up to see Mistletoe*

Selva: Noooow..KISS.

This is adorable!!


Namesake: Warrick and Emma 2 by ~forbiddenshadow


So much ow. FINALLY done.



EDIT: I fixed her lips cause I didn’t like them >8| But I’ll probably never be satisfied.

Just look at the amount of awesome that this picture is.


WIP of a quick Namesake fanart. Emma lineart is pretty much done. Though I’m unsure why I gave her the shirt I did and made her barefoot(I guess since she doesn’t have the Hercilia shoes right now.)

Warrick is next and then I’ll add Emma’s sword and do some colouring/effects.

By the artist who did the magnificent Bad Wolf painting that everyone drooled about. I am so tempted to get this.


This is from my fic. Because apparently it’s been decided for me that I have to illustrate my smut. I still maintain that I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS.



This is from my fic. Because apparently it’s been decided for me that I have to illustrate my smut. I still maintain that I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS.

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Crewe Sisters. November 2012.

Emma and Elaine Crewe from the enthralling webcomic Namesake, by Isabella Melancon and Megan Lavey-Heaton. Fairy tales are a well-worn territory, but this story makes everything new and exciting. There are a lot of characters in different places at different times, but you still want to know what’s happening with all of them! I have especially been a big shy fan of Isabelle’s art for a long time, even before I started reading Namesake. Isabelle also has some cute Avatar fan art, so that must be why my version of Elaine keeps reminding me of Katara?

Awww, I love this! It’s a gorgeous image. 


Quick doodle of Chadrick from the webcomic Namesake which is drawn by Secondlina. c: I kind of love him and his fabulous hair already.

BWHAHAHA. Note to self: Must make a hair joke somewhere with him.


Namesake fanart by ~forbiddenshadow

I can’t get over how gorgeous these colours are. And the bodies. And oh gosh. I am slain. By awesome.

I remember seeing this a couple weeks back. I love how this artist really paid homage to the original art style, right down to the curls and fonts!

Did I mention Namesake fans are the best? Well, they are!


Here’s some fanart I did for one of my favorite webcomics “Namesake

I’ve been reading it for awhile and went back to the start for a reread today.

I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you are a fan of looking at fairy tales and children’s literature from a new light.

This has got to be among some of my favorite badass Emma art ever. I love it. LOOK AT THAT AMAZING USE OF TYPOGRAPHY (stop laughing, Isa). It’s lovely and perfect, and if you ever do a print of this, I want one please.


I don’t know, sometimes a sketch just runs away from you. Read Namesake

Holy crap. Second Namesake fanart tonight. I love, love our fans.


This is more than just fanart for me, today. On the left is Alice Liddell, aka Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and on the right is Emma Crewe, who is a Dorothy in Namesake, as in Wizard of Oz Dorothy.

The two posters I have in my childhood bedroom are a movie poster for Wizard of Oz, and an illustration from Alice in Wonderland. It’s no coincidence that these are two of my favorite characters; they are two of my earliest memories of what you might call Strong Female Character. 

But leaving aside gender politics, these were the first two characters I ever identified with. They were smart (sometimes), sassy, curious, adventurous, and brave. These two are prime examples of accessible characters, and even though each is flawed in her own ways, they are flawed in ways that make them relatable, not weak.

Big thanks to Isabelle Melancon and Megan Lavey-Heaton for making Namesake. It’s lovely and one of my favorite things :)

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