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I co-author the webcomic Namesake. This Tumblr is the unashamed fandom side of me.

Favorites: Doctor Who (Disclaimer - there are a LOT of Doctor/River feels) • Sherlock • Downton Abbey • J.D. Robb's "In Death" series • Slayers • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

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This is all Isa’s fault. I’m rearranging the bookcases and have a good bit of my books on the ground. She suggested I take a photo laying down among them. Have to say, it turned out pretty well! Wouldn’t be bad for publicity shots.

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    Oh, hush, I am not. You are quite adorable, and I will dig out photos that prove it. Blackmail. Blaaaackmail. Once I’m...
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    Megan is the pretty one in the Namesake team. I’m the crazy one.
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