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I co-author the webcomic Namesake. This Tumblr is the unashamed fandom side of me.

Favorites: Doctor Who (Disclaimer - there are a LOT of Doctor/River feels) • Sherlock • Downton Abbey • J.D. Robb's "In Death" series • Slayers • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

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ilovealexkingston replied to your post: How to do tag-only posts in new Tumblr

Do you know why I keep getting “reblog failed” box when I click on the reblog? I’m using missing e. I wonder if it’s interfering. You seem to have a handle on this new thing. UGh. It’s like a whole new regeneration to get used to. :(

I think it’s because of Missing E. If you dismiss the dialog box, you’ll see the reblog field pops into place. You might want to turn off reblogging through Missing E until the extension is updated. Some of the other stuff, like this reply I’m doing to you, seems to be OK.

I’ve only had this … an hour … ish?

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  2. ilovealexkingston said: Thanks. I just got it after you started talking about it. It’s like a contagious disease or something. ;)
  3. queenpeletier said: Turn off one-click reblogging and that stops happening.
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