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Favorites: Doctor Who (Disclaimer - there are a LOT of Doctor/River feels) • Sherlock • Downton Abbey • J.D. Robb's "In Death" series • Slayers • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

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*inhumane shrieks and dying whale noises*

About the only thing that could top this is if they somehow also announced Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, and Alex Kingston for this con as well. I am seriously sitting here pricing flights to Phoenix. 

If somehow Namesake gets the chance to exhibit here, even better. Our awesome collective has applied for space.

Seriously, Babylon 5 was one of my first major writing influences. I just … I can’t even … *waves hands at computer screen and squeals*

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    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! (I know nothing about Babylon 5, but MEGS!!)
  2. breeherself said: Oh holy shit! I’m going to have to go! I was planning on it anyway, but now it’s a DEFINITE.
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