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So, I’m going to attempt to cosplay River from TIA. Kind of nervous about it, but I do have most of the outfit. The wig linked above, in color F26/613, seems to be highly recommended among River cosplayers on the LJ Doctor Who cosplay community. And, Isa suggests I should do “Day of the Moon” River as well, which is my favorite outfit of hers. 

Elfgrove, expect me to come to you going, “How do I apply a wig and not have it look stupid? I’m going to look stupid, aren’t I? AAAAAAAH, WHAT WAS I THINKING?”

  1. eastofthemoon said: Do it! Do it! I can totally see you having so much fun as River. Please tell me Mike is going to be 11 and we can get some adorable “shipping” pictures of you two. ^__^
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    I can never successfully get my hair under a wig. But, I am glad to have this link in case I ever want to try my hand at...
  3. elfgrove said: Please do feel free to ask me stuff! I’m happy to help! Wigs are easier than you’d think.
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